Puzzles Created by McLoughlin Brothers

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City of Worcester

McLoughlin Brothers puzzle cut in 1889,depicting the ferry paddle steamboat named City of Worcester (where we live). We believe this boat plied the coast of Southern New England in late 1800s between Boston, MA and New London, CT. The one replacement piece is obvious because of its large area and difficulty of matching artwork from that era under different lighting. The photo, shot in outdoor lighting, shows the piece too dark. Yet, inside under normal daylight, the piece shows too light. Very frustrating for the restorer! This puzzle with its complete box has been donated to the American Antiquarian Society located in Worcester, MA which collects McLoughlin Brothers artwork and will provide a more suitable "permanent home" for such an important puzzle. We do have a second McLoughlin of the same scene with 7 replacement pieces which we have kept for presentations and exhibitions.


Flying Squadron/North Atlantic Fleet

Two puzzles, each 50 pieces, published in one box by McLoughlin Bros, New York, NY 1898c.  Cut simply into large pieces from pressboard in the classic style of that period (edge interlocking, inside straight line strip).  Both box and puzzles required extensive repairs except I did not try to recreate missing artwork on box cover and ship names on missing puzzle pieces.  Artist : F.D. Maher.


Hanging Their Stockings With Care

Made by McLoughlin Brothers, New York, NY, 1900c. Pressboard, large square knob edges, straight line cut center. Artist is unknown but print maker is McLoughlin Brothers. They sold their prints both as is and as jigsaw puzzles.  Donated to American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA.


New Dissected Map of World/Capitol of Washington

Back around 1888 when this puzzle was made, the map was the featured side but, frankly, I find the scene of Washington, D.C. more interesting so I am featuring it. Pressboard, no color line cutting. Box is original.  Donated to American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA.


U.S. Torpedo Boat

McLoughlin Brothers focused much of its artwork and puzzles on national achievements including our Navy. Hand cut from prsssboard with copyright date of 1892. Artist: unknown.  Donated to American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA.


Up the Heights of San Juan: Our Boys Storming the Blockhouse in Front of Santiago

Color lithography had become readily available in the latter part of the 19th century and was used to produce many colorful scenes celebrating the achievements of this country. McLoughlin Brothers, a leading lithographer in New York City, cut many of their prints into lovely simple puzzles using large square knob cut for edges to hold the puzzle together, with straight line cut for interior. Puzzle comes in its original large flat box with picture of puzzle on cover.


Wild West

I hesitate to post this image on my website because of its depiction of native americans, definitely not "politically correct" today. It clearly shows the attitude of Americans back in 1890 when the puzzle was made by McLoughlin Brothers, New York, NY. The box cover shows the same picture as the puzzle but with the circular picture of a native amercian warrior moved to the upper right hand corner.  Donated to American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA.