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Our 2022 Fall Sale began on October 28 and ended at 9 pm, EST, November 6, 2022. If you have signed up or emailed us to receive notification, or been notified and participated in past sales, you should have been notified on October 29. If you have any doubts, just email us so we can recheck our mailing list for future sales.
Note that all puzzles received bids (again) and only 4 were not overbid.  This is the fewest list price bid puzzles in the history of my sales. Two of the 4 have only 1 list price bid leaving just 2 for "the draw".    New bidders have sent me their mailing addresses.  I will also need the addresses of any "veteran" bidders who have moved. 

Regardless of how you learned of our sale, you can participate in future sales through this website page and using email to place bids. We also urge you to click on and read the "About the 2022 Sale and Instructions" to get a feel of how the sale works. We welcome all serious bidders from around the world (although it is more expensive for a foreign buyer because of currency exchange, PayPal charges and overseas shipment).

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