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Our 2021 Fall Sale ended 10 pm, EST, November 7, 2021. There were more bidders and more and higher bids than we have experienced in the past 25 years running these sales.  Thanks, to all who participated.  Results shown on the screen are now final as I have checked all bids.   And,all bills have been sent out and checks are being received.  Packing and shipping is now occupying us.  For this,Conrad is helping but it still takes time, so please be patient.  Payment is by personal check to avoid the PayPal charges, except for foreign buyers.

Regardless of how you learned of our sale, you can participate in future sales through this website page and using email to place bids. We also urge you to click on and read the "About the 2021 Sale and Instructions" to get a feel of how the sale works. We welcome all serious bidders from around the world (although it is more expensive for a foreign buyer because of currency exchange, PayPal charges and overseas shipment).

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