Puzzles for Sale 2019

Our 2019 Fall Sale which began October 25, ended at  10 pm, EST, November 3, 2019.  Despite the assistance of my professional webmaster and our youngest son, Conrad, a software engineer, we ran into trouble when my spam filter sent numerous emails to the spam folder.  Retrieving them presented a challenge but I think we have found them all and the bid prices now posted are the winning bids.  If anyone thinks we missed a bid, call me immediately (508-799-0644) so I can recheck our email and make appropriate adjustment.  There were 3 overbid ties, all resolved in favor of the earlier dated overbid ( in one case that was 1 second earlier!)   Bills were sent out by email Monday, Nov. 10, all payments received over the next several weeks, and all puzzles shipped out with the last going out on December 9.  If you haven't received your puzzles by Christmas, then we may have a problem and you should contact me (Bob).
Two extra pieces adjourning each other showed up in one customer's puzzle.  Is anyone missing a couple of pieces?  These may be yours!

Meanwhile, on November 13, Hildegard, my wife of 57 years, died after a steady decline.  The family has rallied around me, as have our friends.  And Conrad has helped box up many of the puzzles, and a fellow Briarwood resident, Ken Slaughter, has helped me bring them to the Post Office.  Because of their help, I have finished the sale and am  back restoring old puzzles.


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Catalog Codesort descending Title Maker Pieces List Price
P- 1302 Tea for Mrs.Jarley Parker Brothers 329 $120
P- 1304 Clovelly Parker Brothers 359 $120
Par- 016 Hi I.Q. Par Company 800 $1,000
Par- 140 Going with the Wind Par Company 350 $300