Puzzles for Sale 2018

2019 sale starts Friday, Oct. 25 and ends at 10 pm EST Nov. 3, 2019.  Please read the "About the Annual Sale & Instructions", especially if you a new to these sales.  I will send out 2 email update reminders during the sale.  And I will post updates right here as well.  Finally, after the sale is ended, I will post updates of my progress reviewing the bidding, awarding puzzles, drafting bills, receiving payments, packing and shipping puzzles.
Note: you can move from one puzzle's enlarged image to the next puzzle's enlarged image by clicking on the "Next" button at the bottom of each page.  You can also move back to the previous enlarged image by clicking on the "Previous" button at the bottom.

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7- 7018 [Lunch counter/African waterhole/License plates of America] Puzzle Specialties 2,600 $25
6- 6435 [Pups and piper] 330 $10
6- 6437 [Rounding the Marker] Viking Mfg Co 162 $10
2- 21050 [Start of the Hunt] 368 $80
1- 1906 [The dispute] 55 $15
5- 5239 [Village church] Seaboard Plywood Jigsaw Puzzles 200 $25
2- 21124 [Washington addressing his troops] 280 $35