Puzzles for Sale 2020

Our 2020 Fall Sale ended 10 pm, EST, November 1, 2020. It was by far the busiest sale in my 25+ years of doing this.  At least 140 bidders participated breaking the old record of 115, submitting many hundreds of bids.  Not only did all 127 puzzles sell (as has happened the past 20+ years), 119 were sold by overbids and only 8 by list price bids.  Meanwhile, my spam blocker moved into spam about a half dozen emails  and I spent Monday morning after the sale closed registering and posting their bids which changed the winner on several puzzles.  All puzzles have now been paid for and shipped out.by USPS and, presumably, arrived at their intended destination.  Three puzzles were misplaced during the sale, but have been tracked down and are now in the hands of their winning bidders.  One customer failed to notify me he had moved, so the puzzles went to his old address.  He was able to track down the package at his local Post Office which had failed to notify him it had attempted delivery.  Boxing up the puzzles was primarily done by my two sons, Lincoln and Conrad, which helped a lot!
Now I must get back to restoring more puzzles for my Autumn 1921 sale.  We have the supply and the demand is certainly there.  All it takes is my time and energy which seem to diminish each year!

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Catalog Codesort ascending Title Maker Pieces List Price
Par- 027 Ladies Day Par Company 640 $800
P- 1307 New York Harbor Parker Brothers 505 $220
P- 1306 Blind Man's Bluff Parker Brothers 355 $150
P- 1303 Settled Out of Court Parker Brothers 331 $135
P- 1300 Harbor View [Boston, MA] Parker Brothers 502 $200
P- 1297 Old Ironsides Parker Brothers 500 $200
P- 1291 [Stopping for a drink] Parker Brothers 308 $120
p- 1289 A Welcome Meal Parker Brothers 105 $40
P- 1286 Waiting for the Bride Parker Brothers 355 $150
P- 1285 Mr. Pickwick Received by the Ladies of Bath Parker Brothers 355 $140
P- 1279 After the Hunt Parker Brothers 425 $160
P- 1276 Land of Nod Parker Brothers 200 $95
P- 1274 Spirit of '76 Parker Brothers 168 $65
P- 1272 Drinking at the Pool (Sheep) Parker Brothers 320 $80
P- 1267 Finishing the Quilt Parker Brothers 200 $85
p- 1264 The Home of Tennyson Parker Brothers 200 $85
P- 1260 Bright Angel Trail Parker Brothers 67 $25
P- 1259 Glorious Song of Old Parker Brothers 109 $45
P- 1240 Clearing the Road Parker Brothers 257 $100
P- 1198 Coach Riding in Colonial Days Parker Brothers 500 $200
P- 1162 The Lover Passes Parker Brothers 304 $140
P- 1055 With Charity for All Parker Brothers 312 $150
P- 1036 A Cozy Evening in the Olden Days Parker Brothers 660 $275
P- 0892 An English Inn Parker Brothers 225 $85
p- 0810 None But the Brave Deserved the Fair Parker Brothers 150 $65
P- 0755 Story of an Elopement Parker Brothers 255 $110
P- 0712 An Open Air Dance in France Parker Brothers 600 $250
P- 0569 That Guiltiest Feeling Parker Brothers 213 $90
P- 0528 At the Crossroads of the Ages Parker Brothers 605 $300
p- 0439 French Sailor and Son Parker Brothers 300 $150

P- 0253 Green Cavalier Parker Brothers 621 $300
N- N83 Saving the Orphan Tuco Workshops, Inc. 30 $5