Sell your old wooden jigsaw puzzles to me (even if damaged)

I used to buy wooden puzzles from people all over the world, especially puzzles made by Par, Pastime, Arteno, Falls, U-Nit and Picture Puzzle Exchange.  But with advancing age, I am limiting my purchases more but still buy puzzles which fit into special areas of my collection.

You may have old wood puzzles which you are interested in selling. I would be pleased to review them and if I don't buy them, I may be able to refer them to someone who will.  I really am not interested in simply pricing them for you unless you are serious about selling, and I am not interested in cardboard puzzles nor do I know as much about them as the wood puzzles. To price your old wood puzzles, I need to know the following:

  • Maker/brand
  • Title
  • Number of pieces (approximate-usually stated on box)
  • Number of pieces missing, replaced, badly damaged
  • Existence of original box and condition
  • Best estimate as to puzzle condition

The best way to provide this information is via email.  To be truly fair to you, particularly with puzzles which have no maker or list an obscure maker, I would like to ask questions as to the cutting style, interlocking aspect, figure pieces, etc. Once I have seen your list, the best way to ask questions is by phone, and if you will provide me with your phone number and a convenient time to call, I will call you (to save you the cost). Being older and retired I still find it best to deal in person or by phone, rather than by faceless e-mail messages. You may also call me at (508) 799-0644.

Please understand: with some exceptions, old puzzles (first half of the 20th century) have not witnessed the same rise in value as many other collectibles and are still priced substantially below what a comparable puzzle cut today would cost. Damaged puzzles, and especially puzzles with missing pieces, are discounted even more since most serious collectors would prefer to avoid them.

I do add one unique dimension to the purchase of any puzzles. They are assembled, fully restored so as to "look good" and catelogued (including information as to their source) in a permanent data file. At that point, I decide whether to keep them in my permanent collection, ready to exhibit or display in my talks on jigsaw puzzles, or sell/trade to other puzzle lovers around the US who will truly appreciate them in their collections.

I hope to hear from you!
Bob Armstrong