Examples from the Collection


Beginning in the 1970's I have developed a system for classifying jigsaw puzzles which makes sense to us. Our sale lists are based on this system. For cataloging and displaying our collection, we have divided puzzles into the categories listed below. Each category is a separate web page which you may enter and view by clicking on the heading. Since we continue to build this section of our web site, some of the categories may show very few puzzles. 
Please note: most of the puzzles displayed are not for sale; however, some are marked "For Sale" which will be in the form of an auction beginning late October 2021. A description of how the sale will proceed is in the "Buy Puzzles" page of this website.  In effect these puzzles are not for sale until the auction ends 1 week later.  
Also note: for reference purposes, we are leaving displayed in this section some of the puzzles sold in our earlier sales. So if you see a puzzle you previously purchased still displayed, it is because we feel it important enough for viewers looking for information. The status of each puzzle is listed at the bottom of the display page for each puzzle.  We even have a challenge keeping this up, so email me for the latest status of any puzzle you might be interested in.

To learn more about my classification on puzzle-cutting styles, see my article on the subject.

Special Theme Collections

I have gathered together some of our puzzles that have a similar theme or subject matter. These usually come from different makers, but form a nice collection when shown and desccribed together.

(more to come later)