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  • Happy Days of Yore
  • Archway of Flowers
  • [Among the ruins]
  • Simple Simon
  • Safeguards of Liberty
  • A Roman Holiday
  • Shooting Marbles
  • [Landscape with sheep]
  • Moonlit Waters
  • 2 puzzles: [Winter in country], (Road back home]

Our 2017 Fall Sale ended at 10 pm, EST, November 5, 2017 with the usual flood of last minute bids, mostly via email (preferred), some via phone.  All 67 winners have responded with their checks and all puzzles on the sale list have been mailed out to the winners.  We thank all bidders, no matter "how great or small" for their bids.  As a winning bidder, if you haven't received your puzzles by now, they may have gone astray in the mail and you should contact me for follow up.
After surgery and complications, my wife is home and improving, slowly but surely with regular visits from the nurse, occupational therapist and physical therapist.  And I am beginning to get back to repairs starting with a huge Pastime puzzle with a closeup full length view of Robin Hood but also with much damage and 10 missing pieces.  Bob

Future Sales

If you would like to receive notice of my sale lists in the future, please email me at  indicating your interest.  However, I will eventually need your mailing address in the event you should participate and win puzzles.

Please note: while I do list for sale from time to time a puzzle on eBay (my name is "oldpuzzles"), my principal way of selling our extra puzzles is by an annual Fall sale conducted on my website with bidding via emails and telephone calls.

Puzzle Condition

With a few exceptions, all puzzles needing work have been restored by me. This includes making replacement pieces which, depending upon their location, usually meet the test of "you really have to hunt to find it". I also repair all broken/split/missing knobs which I can find, and any missing/damaged paper and wood, so that the completed puzzle "looks really good". These repairs actually take longer than replacing missing pieces for most puzzles and probably account for why the puzzles are in such demand. If you purchase a puzzle and are not satisfied, contact me and we will work it out (you can also get your money back with return of the puzzles). Wherever possible, I also repair and rebuild boxes using archival materials and techniques so that they can safely store the puzzles but still show their age.  And I line many of the boxes with archival tissue paper to guard against future discoloration of pieces, especially the Pastime boxes.