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  • The Fountain of Love
  • Paw Prints
  • Taking the Oath of Allegiance at Valley Forge 1778
  • [Venetian canal]
  • Familiar Landmarks
  • That Guiltiest Feeling
  • None But the Brave Deserved the Fair
  • Mr. Pickwick Received by the Ladies of Bath
  • Ladies Day
  • Holland Flower Market

Our 2020 Fall Sale ended 10 pm, EST, November 1, 2020. If you would like to receive notification of our Fall 2021 sale, please email me so I can add you to our list.  I do not sell puzzles between sales as I want to give everyone equal chance at them.

Regardless of how you learned of our sales, you can participate through this website page and using email to place bids when the sale is on.  We also urge you to click on and read the "About the 2020 Sale and Instructions" to get a feel of how the 2021 sale will work.  We welcome all serious bidders from around the world (although it is more expensive for a foreign buyer because of currency exchange, PayPal charges and overseas shipment).

Future Sales

If you would like to receive notice of my sale lists in the future, please email me at  indicating your interest.  However, I will eventually need your mailing address in the event you should participate and win puzzles.  My principal way of selling our extra puzzles is by an annual Fall sale conducted on my website with bidding via emails and telephone calls.

Puzzle Condition

With a few exceptions, all puzzles needing work have been restored by me. This includes making replacement pieces which, depending upon their location, usually meet the test of "you really have to hunt to find it". I also repair all broken/split/missing knobs which I can find, and any missing/damaged paper and wood, so that the completed puzzle "looks really good". These repairs actually take longer than replacing missing pieces for most puzzles and probably account for why the puzzles are in such demand. If you purchase a puzzle and are not satisfied, contact me and we will work it out (you can also get your money back with return of the puzzles). Wherever possible, I also repair and rebuild boxes using archival materials and techniques so that they can safely store the puzzles but still show their age.  And I line many of the boxes with archival tissue paper to guard against future discoloration of pieces, especially the Pastime boxes.