About the 2017 Sale & Instructions

We are pleased to offer 130 restored puzzles including 35 Pastimes, 2 Pars, 1 Elms, and 3 Tuck Zag-Zaws, and covering just about every price range, era and size. Some are being withdrawn from our collection or website. For 3 of the listings, multiple puzzles are "bundled" for sale, in effect, a “two-fer”. We have scanned in all puzzle images and posted them on our website along with descriptions and current bidding on the Sale List page in the Buy Puzzles section under 2017 Puzzle Sale on the main page of: www.oldpuzzles.com, so you can view and study them as you wish. The List Price is the starting price; Current Bid Price shows the highest bid received to date (if any) for that puzzle. Please note: we plan to keep up to date as best we can the Sale List with respect to the latest Current Bid for each puzzle so you can check the bid status for the puzzles you are interested in before submitting bids. There is also a PDF list of sale puzzles for those who like to study hard copy, but the list has abbreviated descriptions and no bidding information or pictures. If you have questions or don’t have a computer or internet access, we welcome your phone calls and emails. And you will have to call or email us anyway with respect to your bids as there is no on-line bidding like Ebay.

1. Restoration

As in the past, nearly all puzzles needing work have been restored by Bob as his principal avocation in retirement. Restoration includes making replacement pieces, which meet the test: “You have to hunt to find them”. Bob also repairs all the broken/split knobs, missing/damaged paper and delaminated wood he can spot, so that the puzzle “looks really good” and is in very good or better condition. On average, this takes longer than replacing missing pieces. Unrestored puzzles and unfixable problems are noted in the Description section and the puzzle priced accordingly. If you should not be satisfied, call or email us and we will work it out, including refund. Also, wherever possible, Bob repairs boxes using archival materials and techniques so they can safely store the puzzles but still show their age. And if he feels the box acidity might affect the pieces, Bob has been lining box bottoms with archival tissue paper, particularly the older Pastime boxes.

2. Bidding

To be as fair as possible, we have set 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Sunday, November 5, 2017 (Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am earlier that day) as the deadline for bids. That is just a week away from launch and matches the Ebay norm, so don't delay! All bids by mail, e-mail or telephone dated up to that time and date will be acknowledged and handled on an equal basis. When more than one bid is received for a puzzle during that period and no overbid, we will conduct a draw for the winner aimed at spreading the puzzles around as much as possible. You may bid at list price as many puzzles as you wish (no limit here). However, since 1998 we have allowed each buyer to make (and revise) a limited number of overbids if you were willing to go above the list price; for this sale the limit is 4 puzzles. Obviously, the highest overbid dated by 10 p.m. EST, Sunday, November 5, 2017 will claim that puzzle. You may check with us on the status of bidding for any puzzle and drop, add, revise or switch your bids as often as you wish right up to the last moment so long as you are the leading over-bidder on no more than 4 puzzles at any one moment. We do ask that you not withdraw or reduce an overbid while you are still in the lead as others may have relied on it in making their bidding decisions (you can add to it, though). We also ask that when overbidding you do so by at least the following minimum increments: on prices up to $100: $2; from $100 to $300: $5; over $300: $10, and that you not overbid by simply stating in an email: “Overbid the current bid by the minimum amount”. You must state a figure for your overbid. Also note: we treat your overbid as the actual bid regardless of the amount being overbid, and not an “up to” or proxy bid as does the Ebay computer. This is an important distinction from Ebay and can be both a positive and a negative (call Bob and he will explain). If two (or more) overbidders are tied at the close, the overbid dated earlier is the winner. Yes, the process is complicated mainly because we are trying to balance two seemingly irreconcilable objectives: spread the puzzles as broadly as possible, while allowing serious collectors and bidders to buy puzzles special to their collections. Other distinctions: we do not notify you when you are overbid; you should check the bidding from time to time. While we try to acknowledge all bids as they are received, we can't do this the last night of the sale as bids pour in.

3. Strategy

In our last sale, every puzzle listed was sold with 91% going via overbids, many, however, by only a few dollars over list price. On average, buyers received about a fifth of the puzzles they bid on. In all, 63 bidders received puzzles. It is best to request more puzzles than you need, maybe setting a maximum dollar limit in case you are “too lucky” (rarely happens). Remember: there is no limit to the number of puzzles you can bid at list price, but as puzzles are overbid, their list price bids become "moot". Best of all, however, near the end check on the status of the bidding by visiting our website and email or call us to add to your list puzzles not in heavy demand, maybe even placing your overbids on some of them. Please note: we usually are overwhelmed with emails in the last 10 minutes of the sale despite bringing in our webmaster to handle and post bidding on line and our son, Conrad, to help record bids in our records. This means the emails pile up and we are unable to open all of them until well after 10 p.m. It is possible you could appear to be the high bidder for a puzzle after 10 p.m. (or even the next morning), but an email with a higher bid dated before 10 p.m. is sitting there unopened or not even received until well after the close despite being dated before the close. The higher email bid would prevail. Moreover, we recheck all the bidding the next morning before announcing final results on our website, hopefully by afternoon. Bills take another couple of days to generate and email out. Yes, the Ebay computer has us beat here, but we like to think we are a lot friendlier! For foreign bidders where the sale may be closing at all hours of the night because of the time zone difference, and for bidders who are traveling or involved in an important activity and can't reach a computer or phone, we are allowing you to email closing bid(s) earlier during the sale which we will hold and enter automatically after closing when you are out or asleep in bed or involved with an important activity. Thus, you can engage in last minute "sniping" without staying up all night or missing your function or activity.

4. Payment & Shipping

Everyone making bids will receive a summary of the sale listing the puzzles they are receiving, a “second chance” list of puzzles not requested by anyone in the first round (if any), and instructions on payment and shipment. For shipping within US, we will charge $6 for the first puzzle ($10 west of the Mississippi, $8 south of the Mason-Dixon Line); $2 for each additional puzzle; $2 for the first $100 of insurance; and $1.50 for each $100 of insurance thereafter, with shipment by USPS Priority Mail. However, heavy puzzles and boxes, shipment abroad and special arrangements including Express Mail are at extra cost. For puzzles purchased by Massachusetts residents, we must add 6.25% sales tax unless you send us your tax-exempt number. We much prefer personal checks for US sales. If PayPal is the only alternative (e.g., overseas sales), we will add an estimate of charges for use of PayPal (3%) and, if currency conversion is involved, another estimated 3%.

5. Puzzle Parleys

The next Puzzle Parley is being organized by Joe Seymour and will be held in Rochester, NY July 13-15, 2018. For the latest information and registration, visit: www.puzzleparley.org. You can read all about past Parleys on Bob's website or on the Parley website. These meetings are "golden opportunities" for puzzle collectors, cutters and enthusiasts to learn about the history, cutting, restoration and preservation of puzzles as well as to view and buy lots of old and new puzzles. And you meet the faces behind the world of jigsaw puzzles (including us) and some of today’s brilliant new cutters, while making friends with other puzzle people. The Parleys are entirely voluntary operations (the organizers even pay their own way) and help is always needed as we age. If you might be interested in helping, email Joe Seymour at: jsandkt@sonic.net.

6. In conclusion

We hope to hear from you and welcome your emails and calls. Generally, we will be around to respond promptly to you and post the latest bidding on our website.

Thank you!

Bob & Hildegard