John Paul & Mary Belle Jones

Cleveland Heights / Chagrin Falls, OH

The Jones family of Cleveland Heights and Chagrin Falls, OH made some of the most intricately cut puzzles ever seen, called Falls Puzzles. These puzzles are loaded with wonderfully intricate figure pieces, many interrelated, with extremely delicate small knobs (very prone to breakage) and very fine jagged cutting throughout. Anne Williams has documented in her books how Mr. John Paul Jones made rubber stamps for each figure piece and stamped the back of the puzzle wood, Mrs. Mary Belle Jones then cut the puzzle upside down using a very delicate and intricate knob style between figures, and their children helped asemble the pieces after to ensure none were left on the basement floor. A remarkable family venture which lasted into the 1940s. Their most famous customers were British royalty. Wallace Simpson whose romance with Edward VIII led to his abdication introduced Falls puzzles to the royal family and other aristocrats, and they were such a hit that Harrod's begam importing the puzzles directly from Ohio.