Puzzles for Sale 2023

Our 2023 Fall Sale ended 9 pm, EST, November 12, 2023. If you have signed up or emailed us to receive notification, or been notified and participated in past sales, you should have been notified on November 3rd. If you have any doubts, just email us so we can recheck our mailing list for future sales.

All puzzles were sold with most going by overbids.  Many new bidders joined in and won puzzles.  We need your addresses to draft bills and mail out puzzles (unless you bought from us before).  I have checked the bidding and what you see on the screen is final.  However, if you think there is an error, please contact me ASAP.  We listen!  Puzzles are shipped only after we receive your check.  For customers living close to Worcester you are invited to drive to my cottage, pay for and pick up puzzles you won, view my workshop and puzzles, and "talk puzzles".  Personal checks are fine; no charging accepted.  PayPal allowed for sales abroad with the buyer paying all fees.  While bills have a charge for insurance added, you may delete it and "self insure".  Drafting and sending out bills has proved very challenging for me at age 87.  Emperor Joseph II of Austria after listening to a short piano piece written and played by Mozart said, " simply too many notes, that's all.".  Well, I say, "Simply too many screens, that's all"!  .

Regardless of how you learned of our sale, you can participate in future sales through this website page, using email to place bids. We also urge you to read the "About the 2023 Sale and Instructions" to get a feel of how the sale works. We welcome all serious bidders from around the world (although it is more expensive for a foreign buyer because of currency exchange, PayPal charges, insurance and overseas shipment).

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Catalog Code Titlesort descending Maker Pieces List Price
8- 8043 A Ride Among the Bluebells Mosaic Picture Puzzle 250 $70
2- 21228 "Book Stalls of Paris" Zig-Zag Puzzle Co. 300 $65
2- 21227 "Buddies" Zig-Zag Puzzle Co. 200 $50

6- 6369 2 puzzles boxed w Hannas booklet Dial Press 350 $50
P- 1392 A Helping Hand Parker Brothers 127 $50
P- 1308 A Lady-1840 Parker Brothers 394 $200
Par- 141 A Lure Par Company 750 $1,200
P- 1388 A Morning Call Parker Brothers 237 $90
Par- 145 A Reception at the Palace of the Doge Par Company 600 $1,200
P- 1395 A View of Venice Parker Brothers 154 $65
2- 21169 After Church Waldo Bemis 241 $70
7- 7015 American Gothic Springbok, div. of Hallmark Cards 500 $25
P- 0182 An Acceptable Suitor Parker Brothers 750 $350
2- 21063 Birds Ahead 104 $20
7- 7026 Bokhara Oriental Rug American Publishing Co. 500 $25
1- 1753 Breaking Home Ties The Art Puzzle 136 $50
JS- 429 By a Country Lane Joseph K. Straus 750 $90
5- 5298 Cape Sebastian (Beach Scene) Hayter/Spear 1,500 $250
2- 21258 Carnival of Venice Zig-Zag Puzzle Co. 300 $85
P- 1351 Child Handel Parker Brothers 141 $75
5- 5217 Courtesans and Posting Stations Helen "Tip" Foley 288 $40
5- 5292 Delta Queen James Browning 500 $160
P- 1021 Drifting Parker Brothers 345 $150
2- 21008 Dutch Flower Market 445 $85
P- 0630 Embarkation of Henry VIII on Board "Great Harry" to Meet Frances I Parker Brothers 357 $150
2- 21274 Falls of Dochert Hayter & Co 800 $160
P- 1318 First Christmas in the New Republic Parker Brothers 500 $240
2- 21262 Fishermen of Capri (Seascape) Hayter & Co 800 $180
1- 1939 Five Admirers of the School's Favorite 324 $150
Par- 161 Fun for the Young Par Company 900 $1,800
P- 1399 General Washington at Yorktown Parker Brothers 126 $55
P- 1380 Girl and Swans Parker Brothers 250 $105