Novelty Puzzles

advertising, contest, 3-D, specialty

Novelty puzzles found their greatest moment in the 1930's when inexpensive entertainment was in great demand and puzzles, particularly die cut cardboard puzzles, were being produced cheaply and in great numbers. The many forms of novelty puzzles is amazing. Advertising puzzles were the most numerous but other genre include mystery, contest, problem, riddle, crossword, 3-dimensional and others. Our collection does not focus in this area since novelty puzzles generally are not hand cut but a few examples displayed below.

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Maker: Burton J. Maddox
Series: Mad Ox
Maker: C. I. Hood & Co.
Maker: Chase & Sanborn Co.
Maker: Commonwealth Baking Co.
Maker: Einson-Freeman Co.
Series: Problem Jigsaw Puzzle
Maker: Esso
Maker: Gibson Greetings
Series: Greeting Card
Maker: Home Craft
Series: Contest
Maker: Kawin Mfg. Co.
Series: Skyline 3-D
Maker: Kawin Mfg. Co.
Series: Skyline 3-D
Maker: Kirk Co.
Maker: Leisure Moment Puzzle Co.
Series: Foursome Puzzle Game
Maker: Morphoto Co.
Series: Circle Art
Maker: Olman Music Corp.
Series: Radio Jig Saw Puzzle
Maker: Oxford Specialty Co
Series: Budge
Maker: Pearl Publishing Co.
Series: Myster Puzzle of the Month
Maker: Singer Sewing Machine Co
Maker: The Chest Co.
Maker: The Cross Jig Publishing Co.
Series: Word Jig
Maker: Tom Tyler
Series: BCD Membership Cards
Maker: Worcesteer-Power Coke Co.
Series: New England Coke