World War I Puzzles

There are many collectors of World War II puzzles, but few for puzzles depicting scenes from World War I. My interest goes back to my father who, after graduating from Brown University in 1917, enlisted as a private in the artillery and was shipped to France. After the Armistice, he returned an officer to court and eventually marry his college sweetheart, my mother. The “War to end all wars” obviously made a great impression on him, and I have picked up my interest from him. It was natural for me to start collecting puzzles depicting scenes from WW I, once I realized they were available and no one else seemed interested in them. The puzzles displayed below, while alphabetized first by maker, then by title, include men leaving for war, arriving in France, fighting both in the terrible trenches and in the sky (probably the most interesting), relaxing at the front and finally returning home (if they were lucky like my father). For the record: my father also served in WW II in North Africa, Sicily and Italy receiving 4 battle stars. There are many collectors of puzzles (mostly cardboard) depicting scenes from WW II. One key to collecting puzzles is to find a niche which you particularly enjoy but which interests few other collectors.

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Maker: Walter Moberg
Series: W.M. Jigsaw Puzzles
Maker: While Away Puzzles