Full of the Dickens - The Future

A frame was made by Joe Seymour that makes “Full of the Dickens” portable and displayable from both sides. While we currently are displaying the puzzle, it will be stored for safety and/or transported to other locations for display as needed. Contact me, if you are a true “puzzle enthusiast” and wish to see the puzzle. Mark Cappitella who actually printed the picture and assembled the materials before the puzzle was cut assures me that the puzzle will withstand just about everything including ultra violet light from being displayed for long periods of time. (He used Accuplot photographic paper, Epson Ultraextreme pigment inks and Floorguard laminant on 5-ply Finnish birch). Most people who have seen the puzzle feel it should eventually end up in a museum or library, preferably with a Dickens’ focus. The next generation may have to decide that.

Move your cursor over the puzzle to see more detail