Full of the Dickens - The Makers

Fourteen different puzzle makers contributed to "Full of the Dickens." They are listed alphabetically below, last name first, and their individual contributions may be viewed by clicking on the name. Please note that Melinda not only cut an individual section, she also designed and cut the Works of Dickens with double cut-deception for the Samuel Pickwick pop-up, all 24 of the corner characters, and all the white background for both layers, as well as designing, organizing and following up on everything to pull off this masterpiece! I estimate she cut over half of the 3200 pieces! Words alone cannot express my gratitude especially to her but also to the 13 other puzzle makers who contributed sections.

Maker Section(s) Cut
Abrams, Jeff, Just Ducky Puzzles, Russell's Point, OH "On the Road to Dingley Dell"
Armstrong, Conrad, Armstrong Puzzles, Boston, MA "The Meeting of Pip and Estella at the Inn Yard"
Ayer, Jim, Ayer Puzzles, Marblehead, MA Two busts of Charles Dickens
Beffa-Negrini, David, Fools Gold Puzzles, Harrisville, NH "David Copperfield on His Way to School"
Cappitella, Mark, MGC Puzzles, E. Haddam, CT "David Copperfield Arrives in London"
Curtis, Graham, Glenwood Puzzles, Kilbourne, IL "The Pickwickians Leave the Golden Cross for Rochester"
Elliott, Pagey, Pagemark Puzzles, Carlisle, MA "The Pickwickians Arrive at Eatanswill"
Gehman, Bruce, San Jose, CA The Election at Eatanswill"
Amy Finley Scott, New York, NY "David Copperfield Bids Farewell to the Micawber Family"
Seymour, Joe, Dep Qua Puzzles, Rohnert Park, CA "Nicholas Nickleby on the Road to Dotheboy"
"Mr. Pecksniff Leaves for London"
"Mr. Pecksniff and the Missus Return from London"
"Tom Pinch Departs to Seek His Fortune"
Shebell, Melinda, Jardin Puzzles, Stow, MA Section 7 Background
Works of Dickens w pop-up figure of Mr. Pickwick
Section 9 Background
"Mr. Pickwick and His Friends Arrive at the Blue Lion"
Stave Puzzles, Norwich, VT "Mr. Pickwick, His Friends and Mr. Jingle Start for Rochester"
Stokes, John, Custom Puzzle Craft, San Diego, CA "Nicholas Nickleby’s Departure for Dotheboy’s Hall"
Williams, Anne, Lewiston, ME "David Copperfield’s First Sight of London"