Full of the Dickens - The Replacement Pieces

According to Melinda, she instructed each puzzle maker to cut a “poorly done” replacement piece. Five did so and “Full of the Dickens” was presented to me with the replacement pieces inserted. Melinda knew that as a puzzle restorer, I would immediately start to figure out how I would “replace the replacements” since I would want to do a better job. Only later that day did she tell me she had kept the originals!

A wonderful example of Melinda’'s way of teasing me and making the entire experience a little more personal.

The five sections are displayed below with the replacement pieces sitting on top of but not inserted into where they are supposed to go. This will give you a good idea of whether the cutter made a “poorly done” replacement or, as in the case of Elizabeth at Stave Puzzles, did a very respectable job.

David Beffa-Negrini

Gordon Graham

John Stokes

Jim Ayers

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