Full of the Dickens - The Pop-up

Melinda has cut the works of Dickens in the center section employing two special techniques: double cutting-challenge and 3-D popup. The Dickens works can be assembled so that the two slots created by two shortened books are separate, in which case the pop-up figure of Samuel Pickwick will have to lay on its side. This is the “wrong way”, but the way the puzzle was presented to me and the only way the puzzle will display standing.

I had to reassemble this section so as to bring the two slots together in which case the pop-up figure of Samuel Pickwick will stand up as intended. Took me three hours but I had just had eye surgery and was not seeing very well at the time. This way requires the puzzle to be displayed lying flat on a table.

Mr. Samuel Pickwick from Pickwick Papers, is “General Chairman— and Member of the Pickwick Club and leader of a group of Pickwickians— including Snodgrass, Tupman, and Winkle— on a series of travels and adventures recounted in the novel.” Melinda was well aware that Mr. Pickwick is my all-time favorite novel character, and by selecting and positioning him as the central figure in the entire puzzle delivering a toast, she has added to the personalization of the puzzle, especially as I like to wander around during the social hours before dinner with a glass of wine in my hand introducing myself to new arrivals and making everyone feel welcomed.  In their own way, others including Hildegard (my wife), Melinda, and Joe Seymour do this as well.